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 EGRET SERIES BY WALBERG -  Vat included, No Shipping and a simply brilliant machine.

Walberg Urban Electrics' products and in-house developments are based on extensive knowledge in the fields of design and quality management.
If you are looking for the highest level of driving pleasure and style, EGRET is the right choice for you.

Key Info


  • Equipped with 10" air wheels this model offers a smooth and secure driving experience on pretty much every underground. The height of the handlebar can be adjusted according to the driver’s height. The driver can select between five different speed levels and control the velocity using the index finger throttle. The maximum speed is 25 km/h. A wide deck provides enough space for the feet even on longer trips.


  • The continuous output of the motor is 500 watt, maximum rated output is 800 watt. This results in a lot of fun and a quick start at the traffic light. The EGRET-TEN V3 X is the right model to conquer moderate inclines. The maximum range is 40 km.
  • For the battery (LI-ION, 48 V, 11.6 AH) we use cells from renowned manufacturers, including Samsung and Panasonic. The charging time for 100 % is four hours and for 70 % only two hours.


  • Two disk brakes (front and rear) offer a superior brake power with a good modulation.
  • The lighting system (certified according to the German regulation) has two benefits: One the one hand, the road ahead is properly lit and on the other hand,
  • you are being seen by other road users.

The maximum payload is 100 kg.
The TEN V3 X is splash-resistant.

  • Folding the scooter is only a question of seconds. Due to the small pack size (107 x 18.5 x 38 cm), it can be combined with public transportation or put into the trunk of a car. Unfolding the scooter is just as easy as folding it. The folding mechanism has been proven and tested, properly applied it is safe and reliable. The dimensions of the unfolded scooter are 115 x 54.5 x 95 - 115 cm.
Tech Spec

max. 25 km/h

max. 42 km

Wheel size:

max. 100 kg

17 kg

Mechanical. disc brake front

. disc brake rear

Index finger throttle

Motor rated power:
500 W

LI-ION, 48 V, 11,6 Ah

Charging time:
70 % in 2 h, 100 % in 4 h

Length: 115 cm
Width handlebars: 54,5 cm
Width footboard: 18,5 cm
Height: 95-115 cm

Size folded:
107 x 18,5 x 38 cm